To you.

What’s a vibe to a bond..
What’s a cure to a healer
What’s a note to a song
What’s a night to forever..
Far from close.. which is where I want to be..
To you.


Where’s the time I wish to spend..
The cost I want to foot?..
Its passage knows no end..
Each moment I can’t loot..
Quickly running..which is what I want to do..
To you.


Lift a finger and I jump
Heave a sigh and my heart skips
For your sorrows there’s a lump
In my throat. Can’t use my lips..
But my dear..does all this mean much..
To you?

Faith vs Understanding.

By no means would I infer that Logic is not needed as a Christian, but I think the Christ life can’t be fully understood by the carnal mind.

It’s a matter of life!
A matter of power..
a matter of God’s Power.
People seeing, experiencing, feeling God’s Power..
Through us!

Intellectual discourse only goes so far..
Imparting this LIFE is not by excellence of speech..
Or accuracy of number crunching..
Or statement of facts.
Until we realise that this wisdom we’ve found..
Is foolishness of the based..
that God plans to confound (Silence) the “wise” in the end..
It has and always will sound in their ears as “foolishness”.
The truest things in life cannot be explained..
They cannot be fully understood..

“Love conquers all”
“Better to give than to recieve”
“Humble yourself ( Bend over for everybody else) and you’ll be great”
Now, be true to yourself..those statements don’t make sense.
Practically considering the statistics involved, many people have rightly (with the help of hard facts) stopped believing that love exists.
Rampant divorce, discrimination, countless acts of greed in and out of relationships…I need not go on.

And how is it better to give( part with something) than to recieve( add something to yourself)??. It obviously makes more sense and is mathematically practicable to acquire more and keep it. Better to also LEND..Invest! Give with the expectation of directly recieving more!!
People are also largely ungrateful, so Good Samaritans even give and regret.
Yet still, the happiest and most memorable people we come across are those that GIVE LIKE FOOLS.

Don’t get me started on Humility! All I can say about it is to refer us to the ever so repeated,” I know my right!” and “Why should I, why not them?”

Until one admits the error of human wisdom, and accepts the salvation of God’s “foolishness”..It’s rather unfortunate.

The Scum of the earth.

It seems to be the prevailing thought.. #MenAreScum.

I remember when my Uncle Larry came home to find it emptied out by this wife of 2 years. How could he be so stupid to leave the keys with his wife. It’s his fault. #MenAreScum

Lol..back in Class 2, when I got 6 strong lashes on my buttocks for pushing away this girl who others witnessed was trying to get infront of me in a queue, by pinching me and pulling on my shirt. Taking advantage of me being the youngest and shortest in class. I wallowed in shame and regret for defending myself. #MenAreScum

I harboured such bitterness towards girls till I got a female bestie in Class 3. Asantewaa..Lovely soul.

Yet still, how dare I take the offence of one and project hate towards others of the same kind. #MenAreScum

This also brings Kobby to mind, who was awakened at 11pm, made to kneel before father in the middle of the living room whilst being spanked till 3am for smacking his kid sister. Yes, young and naive boys do that sometimes.

Till now he absolutely abhors the thought of laying hands on females. “What a Father!”, we all thought. But still.   #MenAreScum

There are rapists, misogynistic souls….and there are also selfless fathers breaking their backs.

Yet still, the premise is rooted. #MenAreScum

We all have made and will continue to make choices. Some good, some bad, irrespective of your ethnicity/race, religion or gender. Yet still.. #MenAreScum

Notwithstanding, There will always be people who refuse to budge and choose to cling onto the unfortunate premise.

Sorry if this post offends you. It’s not my fault. #MenAreScum 😏😏



Engage intellectually.
Reform was never birthed through insults.. No!
Being called “Fool”, ” Shallow-minded” and “Stupid” never made anyone wiser.
You may be right, and they may be shamefully wrong..
But let them know in love.

But wait..

For all you know, you could be the dogmatic one with a warped point of view.

But how are you to be pulled out of your pool of folly..
If you don’t engage in the verbal intercourse needed to impart into you life-saving wisdom.

Not withstanding, engage for the good of others who you believe are short-sighted.

But be objective and open to information unpopular to you or your group.

For the benefit of enlightenment could ironically be yours.. #PlotTwist

Reprove in love.


It helps.


I choose you, so I need you..
I choose to love you with all I have..
I choose to, so I want you..
I choose to be with you, Here I am..

I hope to win you, but you’re no game..
I hope and pray to God above..
For though selfish is my middle name..
I am now a man in love.

So much power over a man’s will..
He sees no gun, no arrow, no stone..
No sword is seen though, no cane yet still..
He does no deed all on his own..

He’s got new drive and you’re to blame..
Your every wish compels..
He yearns to have you bear his name..
To hear those nuptial bells..

Out of the blue,another weakness..
His nemeses rejoice at a new tool..
Beloved friends gather then to witness..
In utter disbelief,they laugh at this new fool…

It’s never going to be the same..
I’ll give all I am and have..
For though stingy is my middle name,
I am now a man in love.

And I considered it..

A day comes when you’re there as the door slides open. A day when you realize you are the first of the two dozen or so that are about to patronize the services of one of the stewards of our ‘premium’ transport system. There’s either the sweet smelling savor of being the first one to choose the choicest seat that suits your taste..or that “WTF” feeling when you have to be somewhere in less than thirty minutes.
This day was my day. After about 3 minutes or so, checking each row of seats for the one with the most leg room, I finally sat at the backseat by the left always.( Don’t judge me)

Our beloved “Trotro”,referred to also by our more ‘hip’ youth as “Troski”, has continued to serve as our most wallet-friendly means of transport. But while there is a dose of satirical drama every now and then,today was different….more serious, dare I say. I might even say I considered a sight and took instruction; which is weird because wisdom hardly comes to me.(Well,who am I kidding? It never does…)

My dose of wisdom slapped me in the face when a gentleman, 6ft. 2″ and virtually in his late 40s or so, pleaded with the bus conductor to waive the extra charge for his luggage. His facial expression honestly made me feel like paying,which I could’ve if I didn’t have just GH¢4.00 in a bus that required a fare of GH¢3.80. Damned Economy!! So well,..I observed Mr. Bus Conductor showering this clearly frustrated man with insults as his wife and daughter looked on. The bus got full,he finally had to shut up and we set off.

The family finally reached their destination and got off the bus. I looked back at them as they crossed to the other side of the road,stopping in front of a book vendor. Father Humble then brought out some serious cash, bought 3 books and gave them along with the rest of the money to his little girl.

[ Then it hit me! Why go through all that with cash in your pocket? Pride? Just deciding not to give that a$$hat a dime because of his rude approach??
But quite on the contrary,I realized this Dad had to swallow his pride,get abused before masses so his baby could get what she needs..]

So, in the heat of this slow-moving traffic, I thought to myself. More often than not, we find ourselves on the downside of the gratitude scale. It shouldn’t…but it does happen.

Dare I say again..Be Grateful! You never know what went into getting what’s in the platter before you.

Be Grateful!

Be Grateful!

It was what felt like an eternity of eye contact. The only present sounds being the deep pants of anger from my nostrils and dripping water from the tap,all birthing an eerie moment. All I saw was pure fear in his eyes.
It felt like the thousandth time that day, and you bet I was pissed!

[ With me being the unoccupied soul at home for the past few months,the responsibility fell upon me to be the caretaker. Feeding,bathing and cleaning up after those unfortunate “number 2” diaper accidents made up the daily routine. Not a pleasant sight,trust me. Nevertheless, it had to be done. ]

At this moment here we were, myself pulsating with anger, whilst he sat shivering from the coldness of the water…. and also probably from the feel of the ceramic tub against his bum. The stare down could have at least lasted for 3-4 minutes but felt like a dozen hours and more. I could virtually see into his soul as he looked back into my eyes. Some evil influence whispering dubious things into my ear to do to this boy who keeps stressing me with diaper changes that fateful Saturday.

Then it dawned on me how ungrateful and wicked my thinking was.

“Who’s to tell what abilities or weaknesses one would be born with?..
And who’s to tell how these abilities and weaknesses would affect a soul’s life on earth?”

Frustration turned to empathy and anger turned to shame. The raised right arm was slowly lowered as I wiped a tear with my left thumb. Then out of nowhere, the smile appeared. The whole bathroom weirdly felt brighter as this naive boy smiled as I cried. Still smiling and looking up at me, Eugene held my left hand,placing it on his head and letting out the cutest laugh. I never knew this younger brother of mine could let my oestrogen kick in that fast.

Speech,daily routines in school and at home feel effortless to you…but not all of us are that lucky. Be Grateful!

Autism is real. Let open-mindedness yield empathy. Reach out. Let love lead.

My First..

No, I’m not talking about the first time I ‘had some’. Though I’m also not talking about the first time I went a month without a shower. (that was cooler than you think though,friends thought it was badass)


I’m writing about how this is the first time I’m ever writing down thoughts. First time ever blogging. It’s about time. Well, better late than never, right?

This idea came to me in a dream,a vision if you will. When a huge cat with four wings (yes I got an animal spirit..that’s what cartoons do to you), came and spoke to me in the voice of Morgan Freeman,”Thou shalt place thy words on stone for the generations to se…”

I wish!

Rhoda, a colleague of mine, recommended it and I thought,”What the hell!”. So here I am. Hope it’s going to be worth it though.

Hello WordPress!