To you.

What’s a vibe to a bond.. What’s a cure to a healer What’s a note to a song What’s a night to forever.. Far from close.. which is where I want to be.. To you.   Where’s the time I wish to spend.. The cost I want to foot?.. Its passage knows no end.. Each … More To you.


I choose you, so I need you.. I choose to love you with all I have.. I choose to, so I want you.. I choose to be with you, Here I am.. I hope to win you, but you’re no game.. I hope and pray to God above.. For though selfish is my middle name.. … More Feels..

Be Grateful!

It was what felt like an eternity of eye contact. The only present sounds being the deep pants of anger from my nostrils and dripping water from the tap,all birthing an eerie moment. All I saw was pure fear in his eyes. It felt like the thousandth time that day, and you bet I was … More Be Grateful!